How your business can leverage the digital revolution

We are living in truly exciting times where digital technologies are disrupting every single industry we know. Being able to adapt to those major changes, identifying opportunities and creating new business is a huge challenge for traditional companies.

So the bad news is that the traditional ways of running a business and looking at innovation just doesn’t work any more. And those companies have a very hard time adjusting to the new world. What happens then is what you saw with the music industry and publishing industry.

And even if you think that your business is still doing great and you can lean back and relax – YOUR industry is up next…

But there are some good news, too. First of all, theres still a first mover advantage in a lot of markets. Also there are new methodologies and tools like lean startup, bootstrapping, hackathons, design thinking and rapid prototyping to quickly test new ideas and form products that fit the market. So it is way easier and cheaper now to create new products and services

The most important point here is to understand that the world changed and that you have to change too in order to stay in business and have a prosperous company.

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“Innovation and entrepreneurship” comes to my mind when I think about Andreas. I’ve had the pleasure to spent valuable time with Andreas in several innovative events and startup weekends. I was impressed with Andreas’s ability to produce innovation and finding clever solutions in no time at all. Andreas would be a true asset for any company or person who needs advice in the field of innovation and ventures. Steffen Jung

Managing Director, Gravima

We also host so called hackathons as one method to foster innovation and entrepreneurship. Those can be held as community events, corporate events or a mix of both to create a really inspiring atmosphere.

Watch this video of our iBeacon 4 Hour Venture Hackathon in Cologne.

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