Workforce Shortage in Germany

How the "War for Talent" plays out

Recruiting got harder and harder over the years, but we still have not seen a real “War for Talent” in my opinion – at least not in Germany. But the next years will definitely give us massive challenges in hiring the right talent. According to studies we face a huge labor shortage in Germany and worldwide. This TED talk of Rainer Strack  gives us some great insights into why we already know that there will be a massive “War for Talent” in the next few years:

Since those slides and numbers are quite abstract I decided to built a counter, that demonstrates how real these number are getting. 

Workforce shortage in Germany:



Damage of workforce shortage in Germany since you are here:

Finding the right talent is hard. And it will get harder and harder. This is why you have to think about strategies and methods on how to sustain your company growth in the future.

One interesting modern way of recruiting is through directly approach the people that are a good fit for your organization.
Talentwunder has created an award winning software to search 75+ social networks at once and find the right people for your job.

This counter is based on estimations by IW Köln and Boston Consulting that assume a labor shortage of 4.9 million people in 2030 in Germany and an accumulated economical damage of 525 billion Euro until 2030.

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