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Andreas Dittes

Andreas Dittes

Andreas Dittes is consultant, growth hacker and passionate entrepreneur. He runs Dittes Ventures, a lean startup company builder and web-prototyping laboratory that produces innovative ideas and startups – and helps corporations take advantage of the digital revolution and transition into the digital age.

Andreas is also co-founder of hack.institute, an organization that produces corporate innovation events and community hackathons like the “4 Hour Venture” in order to foster entrepreneurship, create innovation, digital art and promote new technologies.

  • Entrepreneur 80%
  • Innovator 95%
  • Developer 15%

Digital Innovation

My creative side and passion to create makes me constantly think on new stuff. I’m a true innovation junkie.

Advanced Technology

I have to admit it – I love technology. It is my playground, my place to experiment and do awesome stuff with.

Pareto Principle

I have a hacker mentality, love to automate processes and follow the Pareto principle: Get 80% done in 20% of the time.

Quick Communication

Contact me any time if you have questions or need a new impulse. I’d love to have a chat if time allows it.

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Internet Trends Report 2017

  Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers partner Mary Meeker was delivering her annual rapid-fire Internet Trends Report at the 2017 Code Conference. The Internet Trends Report is a very interesting summary of the global changes from the perspective of one of the most known venture capital firms in the world. Here is the full talk at the Code Conference:   If you want to just flip through the slides, here is the full presentation:   Internet Trends 2017 Report from Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers If you found this content valuable, please share...

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