You launch a campaign but thats not all you need,
your campaign not working if its not generating leads,
no contact forms no phone calls
no new sales man you destined to fall,
spent your money on words that was way to vague,
then optimized your site for the wrong keyphrase,
look, it’s not easy but it can be fixed,
if you do it by the book, with no gimmicks and tricks,
google rules are strict, its a must you abide,
do it right and get rewarded that’s how we survive,
first pause your ad’s no more hits on your card,
money don’t grow on trees at least not in my yard,
did you set up analytics please tell me you did,
gotta figure out whats generating them clicks,
take the time to go and search with the words you chose,
do any of your competitors show with any of those,
then what you do next,
check your ad text,
spice it up a little add some adjectives,
check your link display,
and check your CTA,
and check your site design it might be chasing them away,
and is your site complete and is your deal sweet,
competitive industry, can you compete,
you might be obsolete probably best to retreat,
before your finances deplete and then you face defeat,
but if you are elite,
then stay in your seat,
you client base cold I can show you to the heat,
lets start with your meat,
talking about your content,
it drives the search engine anything else is nonsense,
make it keyword dense, that’s just common sense,
but don’t write for the search write for your audience,
after all, they the ones grab the phone and call,
the search engine won’t do anything but crawl,
now don’t drop the ball, identify your goal,
set conversion tracking, remain in control
like a cop on patrol, evaluating traffic,
respond to your clients, reduce all the static,
when you get a lead, you should be ecstatic,
contact em immediately, that’s just automatic,
ask em where they from and add it to your demographic,
ask em what they search but be charismatic,
then close the deal if you have sales skills,
they already qualified, just show em the appeal,
I’d rather get 100 clicks and close 35,
than get a 1000 clicks and I only close 9,
listen to my design, don’t get caught up in the rhyme,
you don’t have to be number 1, strive for top 5,
we can talk about positioning another time,
if you follow the guidelines you’ll be just fine…